Personal Projects

A collection of personal work including those from my time at San José State University


Packaging + Brand Experience

Project: Create a powerful brand experience that connects the brand’s retail environments to its products. Capture audiences and engage people in an intimate way while building and nurturing the brand.

I created Qlean, an environmentally conscious company that makes personal hygiene products that benefit the customer by providing safe and organic ingredients. The products also benefit the planet by the sustainable business practices as well as contributing a portion of the profits to preserving the earth.


  • Naming of the Brand
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Product Packaging
  • Retail Experience

qlean soaps qlean loofah

gift set:

Four soaps fit into a hollowed out loofah.

qlean bag
qlean car
qlean store

Through the Senses


Dimensions: 36”x43”

Project: Design a poster showing the relationship of the Graphic Design class to their senses.

I revealed and interpreted the complex data collected while identifying the class individually and collectively.

senses poster close up
senses poster
senses poster close up

Om Sweet Om

om sweet om

SJSU Web Site Revitalization

Web Design & Style Guide

The San José State University website was redesigned by a team of students which
I was a part of. From research, to site structure, to image and design, the new web design
is streamlined and reflects the needs and values of SJSU.

Design Creature is a student-run, faculty supervised graphic design studio. I served as project manager and designer.

View site:

Collaboration with:

  • Kate Alcid
  • Nick Gonzalez
  • Marco Huerta

Faculty Advisor:

Connie Hwang

sjsu home page
sjsu web page
sjsu style guide
style guide
style guide
style guide
style guide

Photos by Kate Alcid.

Homage to Barnbrook


Dimensions: 28”x36”

Project: Design a poster based on an influential designer.

Jonathan Barnbrook has a bold style and often creates work that comments social, political, and environmental issues and believes that graphic design “has the possibility to affect and change the world.” Barnbrook has inspired me to use my voice in my designs and to use design for the good of all.

barnbrook poster close up barnbrook poster
barnbrook poster3

Let There Be Peace

let there be peace


Identity + style guide

Project: Redesign the brand identity for a non-profit and produce an identity style guide.

The identity for World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms is based on the earth’s resources. The root was used as a metaphor because it is enriched by it’s resources so it can grow and flourish.

wwoof logo wwoof business system wwoof style guide wwoof style guide wwoof style guide wwoof style guide wwoof style guide


ag brochure front

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